Animals and Plants - Boiling River Project
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Animals and Plants

A biodiversity study of the animals and plants will be launched in 2016. More information to follow.


Since 2011, our team has been informally documenting the presence of numerous plants, animals , and microbial species living in the Boiling River area. This preliminary work is yielding intriguing results that have lead to a more in-depth, formal surveying initiative, which we will make open-access to the public. We strongly believe in the importance of open-access scientific publications, as well as fostering and supporting the scientific community— both in the developed and developing areas of the world.


As the Boiling River Project is dedicated to presenting data and information that meets the highest standards of reliability and quality control, no scientific information or data will be publicized on this site without first undergoing expert peer-review. The names of the reviewing experts will also be published in order to ensure scientific transparency and accountability.


Please stay tuned for the launch of the biodiversity survey!