Citizen Science - The Boiling River Project
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Citizen Science

The Boiling River flows hot for approximately 4 miles (over 6 kilometers), gets up to about 80 feet (around 25 meters) wide at its widest point, and around 16 feet (about 5 meters) deep at its deepest point.


Seeing this impressive sight has left us wondering: “Is it the largest thermal river in the world?”


You can help us answer this question!


Thermal rivers (often colloquially called “hot” or “boiling” rivers) are flowing bodies of water with significant thermal flow. They can be classified as volcanic, non-volcanic, or even man-made. Whether it’s a river, stream, or creek—as long as it’s hot we’d love to hear about it!


Send us:

  • The name of the body of water
  • The geographic location (latitude and longitude are ideal, but addresses or relative place locations are great too)
  • A photo of the river
  • Any other useful information, such as temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, flow volumes, width, distance of thermal flow, or anything else that you’d like to share
  • Your name so we can properly attribute your submission


Submit the information above via message on Twitter to @georuzo or Facebook to @AndrésRuzo.


Collaborating citizen scientists whose reports have been confirmed and are the first to submit the site will be featured on this website with their contribution.

Citizen Science