Donate ⋆ Boiling River
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 The Boiling River Project is a U.S.-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (non-governmental organization).


We operate on donations from generous individuals and corporations, as well as proceeds from the sale of The Boiling River: Adventure and Discovery in the Amazon TED Book.

Our team is currently entirely volunteer-based and receives no salary for our work with the Boiling River Project.

All proceeds go to:

  •  Supporting fieldwork and technical studies

This scientific research informs how to best protect the area. It also provides the necessary documentation for a Peruvian legal initiative to declare this site a Peruvian national monument and redesignate the Boiling River’s jungle from jungle open for development (i.e., agriculture and clear-cutting) to jungle for exclusive ecological use (i.e., ecotourism, conservation, and sustainable development).

  •  Educational materials

Funds help produce and distribute eco-friendly materials informing the Boiling River communities of environmentally conscious best practices, free of charge.

  • Maintaining ( in Spanish)

This publically accessible online portal presents a digital archive of relevant history, data, photography, and other information in order to educate the public about the Boiling River and spur scientific investigation aimed at the protection of the site.

  • Operational costs of the Boiling River Project

Our team is currently made up of volunteers, and we receive no salary for our work with the Boiling River Project. Funds cover the external accounting and legal fees associated with running a nonprofit organization in compliance with U.S. government norms and regulations.