Santuario Huistin ⋆ Boiling River
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Santuario Huistin

Santuario Huistin is one of the two native Amazonian healing and traditional knowledge centers located on the Boiling River.

The community is led by Maestro Enrrique Paredes, a curandero (traditional Amazonian healer) and vegetalista (shaman). Originally a builder, Maestro Enrrique says that he received his calling as a curandero after having a vision of the Virgin Mary in the jungle. She told him he should put down his tools and appeal to the rainforest to reveal its secrets to heal others. He became a student of Maestro Juan Flores (curandero of the Mayantuyacu community). Over the past thirty years, Maestro Enrrique has gained an international reputation for being able to treat people for a wide variety of illnesses: physical, emotional, and spiritual in nature.

He, his family, and other Santuario community members work to conserve the land and live in harmony with nature through ecotourism centered around the jungle, as well as the ancient traditions of preparing herbal medicines.


Dr. Angela O’Hara, a professor at the University of Toronto and an indigenous knowledge specialist who works extensively with the Santuario community, describes vegetalismo (plant spirit shamanism) as, “a fascinating cosmovision that integrates elements of the Christian religion and indigenous Animist cosmologies into a vision of an en-souled world where everything in nature possesses its own genio (spirit) and the animals, plants, rivers, and stones are mentors to mankind.”


To learn more about Santuario Huistin, and their work in traditional Amazonian knowledge and healing, please visit: