Scientific Research ⋆ Boiling River
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Scientific Research

The Boiling River is currently the focus of numerous studies, including geologic, geophysical, geochemical, biological, anthropological, botanical, and conservation science.

The collection of data began in 2011, and has continued to advance in very exciting ways each annual field season. The geoscientific data sets are particularly robust and will present a wealth of new-to-science data.


All this data and information are an essential part of the Boiling River’s conservation work.

Unfortunately, the Boiling River is currently in exploitable jungle and has no special legal denominations or protections. Andrés Ruzo made the difficult decision to delay his Ph.D. defense in order to postpone the publication of the geologic study of the Boiling River, which comprises his dissertation.His decision was directly influenced by what is best for the River’s conservation, especially in light of multiple solicitations from energy development companies seeking geologic and geothermal data on the Boiling River. Such development could threaten the spiritual, cultural, and natural beauty of the site.


Because we are passionate about fostering scientists and citizen scientists alike, both in the developed and developing parts of the world, we will publish all Boiling River data and research in peer-reviewed, open-access academic journals, in English and Spanish.

Thank you for your patience and support in helping us protect this sacred river. Stay tuned for the studies, we really can’t wait to share them with you!